Kleinman: The Future of Home Health Care Technology

Over the past years, senior and assisted living options have changed in response to the current socioeconomic conditions. Both consumers and providers were obliged to tighten their budgets and get creative, looking outside the box for possible solutions. As the founder and current CEO of Americare, Elly Kleinman has has had his share in shaping the health care industry. According to him, the rising cost of assisted living has a key role in families deciding to go with home care and multi-generational housing instead of more expensive care options. For those interested in assisted living there is a wide range of offerings in new, eco-friendly housings, as well as expanded facilities at more traditional assisted living communities.

elly kleinman future of health care

But because most people want to spend their senior years at home as opposed to a senior living community, and because there aren’t enough personal caregivers to support the health and well being of that population, a lot of new, exciting home health care technologies, have recently emerged.

According to Elly Kleinman, the country’s aging population means that the number of patients is growing and will continue to grow. Furthermore, new medical-technology devices could help patients grow old at home rather than in pricey institutions, like assisted-living facilities or nursing homes.

Not long ago, health care technology existed only in the hospital or the laboratory. Today, Kleinman says, it is right inside our homes. Ubiquitous computing, wireless and blue tooth devices that are getting cheaper and more practical each year, are transforming the way medicine works.

Being directly involved in the industry, Elly Kleinman has seen how technology has expanded the home health care market. In recent years, new home care technologies, enabled by the Internet, such as home monitors, apps for mobile health, and telemedicine, are bringing aspects of advanced care into the patients’ homes. These technologies are finding its place not only in U.S.A, but in all parts of the world.

The rapid growth of modern technologies such as sensors and GPS can help seniors continue to live at home. Today’s oldest generations did not grow up with gadgets and aren’t that familiar with the latest tech, but eventually America’s senior population will be composed of today’s youth, who spend their hours behind keyboards and smart phones.


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